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  • First thing to do----Read The Electrical Exam Study Guide - This is where you find the material that makes up all the Master, Journeyman, RW, and Contractor electrical exams. 
  • Second thing to do-----Take the combined test 1, and 2 to study 75 relevant questions and answers or scroll down to the bottom of this page for more Options. The questions will come one at a time ( like Pearson Vue and PSI ). Take your time and get used to computer testing. Find each question in your code book index, before you answer. Every question and answer is relevant. When you click finish on the test there will be feedback for each question you got right or wrong. The feedback shows you how I got the answer
  • Third thing to do---- Read the Motor and Multifamily Study Guide. Just hover on "The Study Guides" above.
  • Forth thing to do---- Take the NFPA 70E Test below FREE. Scroll Down
  • Fifth thing to do----Click Here to Watch example videos of the "Exam Day Experience at Pearson Vue" and an actual video of a ProV test being taken with instruction on how to use the computer. Find out what you need to know for the morning of the exam at Exam Day. 
  • Sixth thing to to----Download the Ohm's Law App or make your own flashcards, and study electrical theory. I will have some help on this in the future. If you can't find it here find it somewhere. California, Texas, Virginia I'm talking to you. You guy's have a lot of Electrical Theory on your exams.
  • After you pass. Come back and copy my Resume and check out the tools I use every day.
  • Now Click Here for the Guide to taking the practice exams.
  • Or Click Here and gain some knowledge about your States - Electrical Exam - about half way down this page is a list of states. Click on your test bulletin and read it.


You want to see what your exam will be like.

You want to study relevant recent questions.

Take a look at Option #1, over half the content on this site is at the end of each test. When you finish the practice exam you will see feedback for each answer. This will show you the exact process you will use to find the answers quickly during the exam.

 If you follow the feedback, with your code book, you will gain the knowledge and practice you need to find any code question asked.

Anyone who has read this far needs to see the feedback and study the feedback at the end of the practice exams.

I would give it all for free if I could but I pay for the Web host and I pay Classmarker for each test taken, which is over 1000 of the free exams. Take the practice exam If you don't think these question and answers are worth studying hard no hard feelings. Just please spend more than 6 min and study the feedback on the 25 questions it will help you. 


Option #1

Click Here for Electrical Exam #1 (Free 25 Questions)

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Option #2

Click Here for Electrical Exam #2 (94 Questions and Answers)


"Unlimited Attempts and printing of question and results pages"

Also Allows you to save test and resume later.

Just add an email address and the password. This will allow you to log in and out to finish the test at a later date.

Option #3

I made this up to help a guy in Tennessee. It's just a taste of what there OSHA and Gov. questions are like.

Click Here for NFPA 70 E and local electrical board questions.

10 Question's. 

Click Ohm’s Law to see the Android App I made for memorizing Ohm’s Law. Electrical Theory is part of all exams. If you have the formulas memorized it’s easier. I also use it as a quick reference in the field.
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