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         Future Master, Journeyman, Residential Wireman and Electrical Contractors please have your NEC book, calculator, scrap paper, pencil and Ugly's book ready. The answers on these test come from people like you and friends in the field taking the most recent exams.

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Urology fit-up Concord Hospital, NH


I'm Jim Smith.

I hope you will enjoy what this site has to offer and will check back often to see the content grow--not just the test but the study guide, load calculations, resume, tools and phone apps as well. I have some really helpful guides and applications to deliver.

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Click Ohm’s Law to see the Android App I made for those who need help memorizing Ohm’s Law.


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  1. Get familiar with computerized testing. The questions will come one at a time ( like Pearson Vue and PSI ) so take your time and get used to finding each article, in your code book index, before you answer the questions. Every answer starts by finding something in the index of the NEC book. The process of finding articles, in the index, that lead you to a word for word answer is the key.
  2. Go to the Practice Test guide page for direction on how you should be studying these test and some quick things that are on every electrical exam.
  3. In-depth Study Guides - This material will be on your Electrical Exam.
  4. Motor Calculations: the most missed questions are motor questions here is the help you need.
  5. Find out what you need to know about the morning of the exam at Exam Day. 
  6. After you pass. Come back and copy my Resume and check out the tools I use every day.

Good Luck and The exam is not about answers you know. It's about the answers you can find.

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